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From the College of Natural Sciences
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We All Get by with a Little Help from Our Friends‏

We All Get by with a Little Help from Our Friends‏

(That's a Beatles song for those of you under 50.)

Dear Students,

My sophomore year in college was packed with transitions — I moved off campus to an apartment, friendships transitioned from freshman year, and upper division courses were really challenging. I battled with a number of personal challenges back then, and eventually confided in a school counselor. I took comfort that there were others like me who needed to admit difficulties, accept imperfections, and benefit from real support.

Each of us has our challenges. It's all too easy to fear that one is alone in having them. We all do better sharing that load with friends, family, teachers, or counselors who have our best interest at heart. Sometimes we know the right person to go to. Other times we must summon the courage to reach out to a new contact, or surrender the fear that prevents us from doing so. First lady Eleanor Roosevelt is quoted as saying "Do one thing every day that scares you." In this context, it reminds us that on the other side of that hesitation may reside the support of others.

Best wishes for the coming week,
Dr. Kopp

PS: Here on the UT campus, the Counseling Center is always available 24/7 for you or anyone you see in need. If you are ever concerned about another student, BCAL is always available for you to call.

PPS: Other announcements to remember:

Each week I try to let you know of the week's events, scholarship opportunities, lectures, etc. Check out the full week's line-up at this link.

Fourth Annual Physics Department Open House: Monday 11/4, 2-5pm. You can tour the world's largest laser, find out what biophysicists do, and meet some of the discovers of the Higgs Boson. After tours and a student poster session, the Society for Physics Students will measure the gravitational constant by dropping water melons off the top of RLM at 5pm.

NOMINATE ADVISORS FOR THE VICK AWARD: Students are invited to nominate those advisers who have been influential or helpful mentors by November 8: https://www.texasexes.org/form/vick.asp.

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Thursday, 13 May 2021

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