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Think About It

Dear Students,

We are now heading into the second full week of classes. As the semester is just beginning, it is time to start thinking about graduation. What?!! Not my first round of exams? Well yes, that is important too. Remember to study.

Back to graduation. What do you think you'll do after you graduate? You might be saying "Seriously? I just got here!" or "I'm trying to pass genetics, can you hold off a bit?" or "My parents ask me this daily so would you lay off?" or "I don't think you heard me. Literally, I just got here less than 2 weeks ago!" It is not that you need a definitive plan today, it is simply that you should be thinking about it. The more you think about where you are going the better decisions you can make about what to do while you are here at UT. The FRI is an awesome example of this. Some folks find a passion for research, camp out in research labs for the rest of their time at UT, and are destined to on to graduate research. Others figure out that research isn't for them, and knowing this early on lets them explore other paths.

Maybe you are thinking about medical school. Do you know much about a career as a physician? Maybe you want to visit a Pre-Health Professions Student Organization. Maybe you want to go to a Health Professions Office event.

Wondering about other careers? Check out the tools for career exploration with the CNS Career Services Office.

Whatever you're interested in now might not be the place you end up. But you can't even change your mind if you have never started to even think about it.

Dr. Vanden Bout

P.S. As always, I'm pleading for Twitter followers @StudentDeanCNS

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Saturday, 29 January 2022

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