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The Snakes Among Us

The Snakes Among Us
VIDEO: Studies of the snakes in Waller Creek help us understand urban biodiversity and appreciate the creatures with which we share our campus, even the slithery ones.

Dr. Travis LaDuc, assistant curator of herpetology for the Texas Natural Science Center, studies water snakes as they slither around in Waller Creek beneath our gazes and in the shadow of Darrell K. Royal Texas-Memorial Stadium.

Don't worry, the snakes may provoke fear in some, but they are non-venomous.

Since 2006, LaDuc and others, including current and former students from the university's Vertebrate Natural History course, have been capturing and radio-tagging the snakes in Waller Creek to better understand their biology in our urban ecosystem. Snakes like these are good ecosystem indicators and can help University of Texas at Austin ecologists understand how wildlife are adapting to our urban ways.

Video by Christina Murrey, The University of Texas at Austin.
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Friday, 27 January 2023

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