​This Week's Messenger:

Dr. Anneke Chy

Dear students,

You've made it through classes, perhaps the first of your finals and a big chunk of this extraordinary academic year. My messages this week are for those with finals happening now—including those of you graduating.

For everyone with finals: Neuroscientist Dr. Michael Mauk has offered tips for studying, should you need them. Don't forget to take care of yourself during finals week—make sure to carve out time to sleep, eat well and stay hydrated. You're almost there. You can do this!

For those of you who are graduating: Please remember to take the graduation survey to let us know where you are headed with your CNS degree. The University does a lot of important things in research, scholarship and service. We are most grateful for the opportunity to play a role in your lives during your time at UT. We can't wait to celebrate all of you, and watch you go on to change the world.

Good luck with finals and finishing strong!

Dr. Anneke Chy
Assistant Dean for Advising & Student Support

Joke: What kind of a dog does a chemist have? A lab