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From the College of Natural Sciences

Thank Someone

Top of the email invitation  NSC Town Hall on Career Services (and the Health Professions Office) Monday 10/27 5pm-6pm WCH 1.120    Dear Students, This past weekend was Family Weekend, and it had me reflecting on the people who have helped me over the years:  from high school teachers who put in extra time and effort to bette...

Come Prepared

Dear Students, I remember one of the first times I went to meet with a faculty member as an undergraduate. I had some questions that I needed answered, and “office hours” were the time set aside that I had access to the professor.  So I went, with some trepidation, to see Dr. Pellem Wilder to ask a question about organic chemistry.  I do...

Natural Sciences Week

Dear Students, It is about half way through the fall semester.  Whether you are a new student or this is your last year at UT, it is surprising how fast time can move while you are here. Before you know it, you will be graduating.  So while you should be focused on your academics, don’t let time slip away before you have a chance to purs...

It's a New World

Dear Students, Today I was thinking about the start of my senior year in college.  It was 25 years ago and it is remarkable how much has changed.  I was a chemistry major and I was fairly certain I wanted to go to graduate school.  Not only was I set on chemistry graduate school, but I had settled on “p-chem,” physical chemistry.&nb...
Plants: The Future of Energy?

Plants: The Future of Energy?

Can we use plants for energy instead of oil? That's the question one group of intrepid students is trying to answer as part of an innovative program that plugs first year students into real-world research projects with top notch faculty and research scientists.

Honeymoon is Fading

Dear Students, While I send my weekly emails to every student in the college, this week I wanted to send a particular message to the first year students in the Class of 2018.  So, for the rest of you: study, work, rest, enjoy, study, excel, learn, explore, achieve, and generally keep up the great work.  Now for the Class of 2018: I have...

After the Exam

Dear Students, It’s still exam time.  Some of you have had your first round of tests this year.  For others they will come this week.  Whether they have gone well or are something you are hoping to forget, it is important to take this opportunity to learn. When the exam grades come out, it is easy to just look up your score and mov...

First Exams

Dear Students, It’s the time of the semester for the first round of exams.  For many of you this has become routine.  Others are facing your first college exams.  I hope that you see exams as a challenge and an opportunity rather than a hurdle.  Faculty give exams to assess how students are learning.  Learning is why you’r...
Health Care is Serious Business

Health Care is Serious Business

b2ap3_thumbnail_health-care-business.jpgThe following is an excerpt from an article by Jeremy Simon originally published August 25, 2014 in McCombs Today:

TIDES: Transforming Science Education

TIDES: Transforming Science Education

b2ap3_thumbnail_UTeach.jpgThe College of Natural Sciences is launching a home for its current and future programs in innovative undergraduate science education, the Texas Institute for Discovery Education in Science (TIDES).  TIDES was proposed in the CNS 2013 Strategic Plan (as the Texas Center for Science Discovery) as a way to continue and enhance the college’s leading role in STEM education.