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From the College of Natural Sciences

Spring Break

CNS Newsletter      Dear Students, I have only a couple of short messages for Spring Break. 1. Have Fun 2. Stay Safe 3. Don’t forget everything you have learned thus far this semester.  Best, -Dr. Vanden Bout   P.S. The weekly newsletter link is at the top of the email.  P.P.S.  My talk in Germany went ...

Don't Let Up

CNS Newsletter       Dear Students, This is not only the last week before Spring Break, this week also generally coincides with mid-term exams or the second exam in many classes.  There is a tendency for students to “check out” after this exam and start their break a bit early.  I would encourage you to avoid this h...

Recognition of Excellence II

CNS Newsletter Dear Students, Last week I wrote about nominating faculty, staff, and TAs for awards. This week I’m writing about nominating yourself!  The 2015-2016 College of Natural Sciences Common Scholarship Application is now available.  The common application is used to award college-level scholarships as well as the Health P...

Recognition of Excellence

CNS Newsletter Dear Students, It’s always nice to know when your work is making a difference.   It is especially gratifying when that recognition comes directly from the people you’re working for.  For faculty and staff in the College of Natural Sciences, that group is you.   Helping students learn and grow is the reason ...
Undergraduate Takes Mathematical Approach in 3D Filmmaking

Undergraduate Takes Mathematical Approach in 3D Filmmaking

In 2015, the Freshman Research Initiative (FRI) celebrates its 10th anniversary. In honor of that milestone, we are checking in with some of the alumni of the FRI program who use what they learn in interesting ways. Olivia Biehle, an undergraduate double-majoring in Mathematics and Radio-TV-Film, combines her two very different passions through 3D filmmaking. She also used movie-making skills in her involvement with the Cosmic Dawn FRI research stream, as she explains in an interview.

Info Face to Face‏

CNS Newsletter   Dear Students, The internet is remarkable.  Unlike most of you, I remember when it didn’t exist (this week I get a chance to wear my Old Man Hat).  Before the age of the internet, searching for information was often a challenge.  When I tried to learn about potential graduate schools, it wasn’t easy.  A ...

Beyond the Classroom

Dear Students,    We spend a lot of time talking about academic success.  This isn’t a bad idea, since we are in fact all here to learn.  However, it’s important to also spend time thinking about personal growth.  Here at the start of the spring semester, it’s worth taking a little time to think about things ...

New Semester

Dear Students,     I hope that everyone has had a great start to the new semester!  It has only been a week, but we are back and going strong.  Some of you are getting into the groove of your second semester at UT; while for some of you, this is your last semester at UT!   Whether this is your first spring, your last...
Freshman Research Initiative Alum Spotlight: Elvira Marquez

Freshman Research Initiative Alum Spotlight: Elvira Marquez

As classes start back for the spring semester, hundreds of first-year students are embarking on hands-on research projects as part of the Freshman Research Initiative (FRI). Later this year, FRI will celebrate its 10th anniversary academic year. In honor of that milestone, we visit with some of the alumni of the FRI program, like Human Development and Family Sciences senior Elvira Marquez.

Texas Students Win IBM Watson Competition With App Expanding Access to Social Services

Texas Students Win IBM Watson Competition With App Expanding Access to Social Services

Students from The University of Texas at Austin won $100,000 in seed funding for developing an idea for a smart phone app that would use artificial intelligence to help Texas residents get information about health care, food assistance and other social services in partnership with the United Way for Greater Austin’s 2-1-1 Navigation Center.