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Dear Students,   The end of the year is nearly upon us.  For many you, exams are over and you are already at home.  For others there is that one last final exams to finish up in the next few days.  For some of you this is not only the end of the year, but the end of your undergraduate career.  But whether you are currentl...


CNS Newsletter   Dear students,   Classes are done.  All that is left in the semester is finals.  So I’d like to share two messages this week:  one for those you who are not graduating this May, and one for those of you who are.   For those of you not graduating:  Get to work.  You still have finals.&nb...

Last Week of Class

CNS Newsletter   Dear students,   Here it is: the last week of class. For many of you, this is the end of your first year at UT.  For others, these are the last few classes of your college career.   Regardless of where you are in your education, I urge you to finish the semester strong.  It is easy to start ...
CNS Undergraduates Rack Up Research Awards

CNS Undergraduates Rack Up Research Awards

Last week, the College of Natural Sciences celebrated undergraduate student research at the Undergraduate Research Forum.

Looking to hear from you

CNS Newsletter      Dear students,   The end of the year is coming.  And while you all are working hard on ending the academic year on a strong note, the College is busy planning for next year (and years to come).  This can be harder than you might think. One of the major challenges is making sure that we hear from...

Spring is a busy time

CNS Newsletter      Dear Students,   Spring can be a remarkably busy time.  Classes are winding down and yet the work load is still going strong (or accelerating).  Students are making plans for summer, fall, and potentially graduation all at the same time.  So to help you sort through this I’ll simply point y...
Campus Events Celebrate Undergraduate Research

Campus Events Celebrate Undergraduate Research

Every Spring, the College of Natural Sciences celebrates its student-scientists at the one-day Undergraduate Research Forum, held this year on Friday, April 17. More than 200 students present posters describing their research. The best and most innovative posters and presentations are recognized with awards judged and sponsored by the university, faculty, alumni and industry.

UT Austin Student Wins Goldwater Scholarship

UT Austin Student Wins Goldwater Scholarship

An undergraduate biochemistry major and Dean's Scholar Honors Program participant, Brendan Chou from Houston, has been awarded a Goldwater scholarship, the premier undergraduate award of its type in mathematics, natural sciences and engineering.

The end is sooner than you think

CNS Newsletter    Dear Students, The end of the semester is sooner than you think.   Classes are more than halfway finished, and things always seem to move faster toward the end than they did at the beginning.  (Especially for the seniors who are going to graduate!)  So I have only a couple of quick messages. Keep u...

Sunday March 22, 2015

CNS Student Newsletter        Dear Students,   Back to work. That is all.   Best, Dr. VDB     P.S. Have you checked out the newsletter?  See link at the top.  Lots of things going on in the coming weeks.  Don’t forget those scholarship applications.   P.P.S. Looking for somet...