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From the College of Natural Sciences

Cool Class: Physics for Smarties

When Plan II Liberal Arts students reach their junior year, they each pass through what many perceive as a trial by fire: Plan II Physics. The class, taught by physics professor Austin Gleeson, has a reputation for scrambling students' brains and shaking the very foundation of everything they think they know. Throughout the semester, Gleeson and...Mylar Balloon
Freshman Research Initiative receives $1.9 million from HHMI

Freshman Research Initiative receives $1.9 million from HHMI

AUSTIN, Texas—The Freshman Research Initiative (FRI), a new program in the College of Natural Sciences that promotes undergraduate research participation at The University of Texas at Austin, has received a $1.9 million award from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). The HHMI Undergraduate Science Education Program Award was granted to Dr. ...

A Curious Life: Bard Stays Focused on Colleagues, Fundamental Research

Curiosity may be the most powerful scientific tool, but hard work runs a close second. So says Dr. Allen Bard, who has used both to great effect in a scientific career that has spanned nearly half a century so far. During that time, Bard has amassed an impressive list of discoveries, publications and scientific awards. Among the highlights, he co-...Bard1.jpg