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From the College of Natural Sciences

Global warming's impact on U.S. plants, animals determined from review of dozens of studies

AUSTIN, Texas—Global warming has forced U.S. plants and animals to change their behavior in recent decades in ways that can be harmful, according to a new report prepared for the Pew Center on Global Climate Change. The Pew Center review of more than 40 studies is co-authored by Camille Parmesan, integrative biologist at The University of Texas at...

Strongest evidence of global warming provided in new research study

AUSTIN, Texas—A biologist at The University of Texas at Austin has teamed up with an economist to provide the strongest statistical evidence yet that global warming is affecting the natural world. Even when the pair considered habitat destruction or other possible underlying causes for behavior changes in plants, animals and other wildlife, the ana...

UT Austin researcher presents hot new evidence of global warming

AUSTIN, Texas—Ecologists from around the world are finding provocative signs that global warming already may be altering the Earth's flora and fauna. And they worry that next century, when the climate is expected to change more abruptly than it has in at least 10,000 years, plants and animals will be pushed to the limit. If the Earth heats up, wil...