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From the College of Natural Sciences
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The people that sometimes come to our rescue aren't always dressed in a spandex outfit. 

Last weekend my family went to hear a "super hero concert" — theme music from classic TV shows and films played by the Austin Symphony while a large screen showed segments or trailers from the movies. My 10 year old son enjoyed the show immensely, and his mother, who suggested going, pretty much had super hero status that night. It reminded me of the ways we rely on parents or caregivers, for everything from answers to our questions, to help with homework, or resourceful creation of a last-minute superhero costume.

Over time, of course, we realize that our questions are more complicated, and we rely on our parents or mentors in new ways. We need them to listen and guide our choices. When I was in college, I would dutifully call home each week using the single pay telephone down at the end of corridor in my dorm. Today at least telephoning is easier. But the process of finding new ways to relate to our family and mentors is much the same and grows as you grow. Those super hero capes aren't always apparent, but show themselves as we learn how everyone does the best they can with creative challenges and making difficult decisions.

Best wishes for the coming week,
—Dr. Kopp

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Thursday, 27 January 2022

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