Dear Students, 

There are only a few finals left, and at this point most of you are finished! 

For you graduating seniors, the end is here. What starts here changes the world. While the research and scholarship produced at UT will impact the world, by far the greatest influence the University has is through the students it graduates. What started here is you! You will go on to do amazing things, and we'd love to know about them. 

So whether you're graduating or just heading home for the summer, stay in touch with the College online. It's a great way to take advantage of career resources, learn what's happening with CNS alumni and scientists and meet fellow members of the College of Natural Sciences community. Join the conversation on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and use the hashtag #DiscoveryStartsHere. Graduating seniors can also join our alumni Facebook group. 

Finally, if you are graduating, make sure you have completed your graduation survey. Can't find the link anymore? Contact Dr. Ruth Franks in CNS Career Services: 


Dr. Vanden Bout 

P.S. Last bad science joke for the seniors. Why are chemists great at solving problems?…They have all the solutions. 

P.P.S. If I mispronounce your name at graduation, you have my permission to refer to me as Dr. "Vander Boot."