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Standing with our International Community

Standing with our International Community
Dean Goldbart sent a message to members of the community about the vital role of international scholars in the College of Natural Sciences and the importance of extending support to one another in a turbulent time.

Dear College of Natural Sciences community,

Our accomplishments in research and education rest, above all, on the wellbeing of all of you – our community of faculty, staff and students from across the state, nation and globe.

Unfortunately, in recent weeks, uncertainties surrounding visas for international students have created stress for too many. Coupled with other developments in recent months, the visa situation is added strain at an already challenging time. We are monitoring the situation and remain commited to our community of scholars, regardless of one's country of origin.

I want all in the College of Natural Sciences to know, first and foremost, that our international community members are a vital and, indeed, cherished part of Texas Science. It is our shared commitment to ensure a sense of belonging and support for all members of our community. The people who power our disciplines come from throughout the world, and therein lies our strength.

Please look out for one another through these difficult times. I ask that we each do our best to steady our community and beyond by reaching out and offering encouragement through word and deed to anyone among us – or anyone else – who may be in need. We shall all be greater for it. UT support services are available to students through the Counseling and Mental Health Center and to faculty and staff through the Employee Assistance Program.

Let us stand together and be a source of support to friends, classmates and colleagues in our diverse Texas Science community.
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Saturday, 04 February 2023

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