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Show some love to your deadlines

Show some love to your deadlines

Dear Students,

Over the holiday weekend I had the chance to watch some of the new documentary "The Beatles: Get Back." As we approach the end of the semester, and the many deadlines it brings, the film had a special resonance to me.

​It documents an amazing few weeks in 1970. The Beatles had committed to doing a live TV special during which they would unveil a new album. With only three weeks to go before the special, the Beatles meet in a studio. Their task: to write an entire new album, practice the songs and get ready to perform them live. It would seem like an impossible challenge. And at times, it looks hopeless. The band almost breaks up. They spend quite a lot of time not working—goofing off, bantering, arguing. But they keep working, and eventually the songs start coming together. In the end, not only do they meet their deadline, but they write a few of their most beloved songs.

Though the Beatles are, by every definition, extraordinary, their creative process reminds me of what many of us go through when faced with a deadline. We feel lost, we goof off, we think about quitting. But when we keep at it, we usually discover a path to our goal.

So, as you make your final push this semester, try to look at your deadlines in a different light. It's OK to dread them. Faculty and students alike may love to hate them. But deadlines are one of the best tools we have to focus our minds and accomplish our goals.

Dr. Drew

Joke: Q: Why do computer scientists get confused between Halloween and Christmas? A. Because Oct 31 = Dec 25

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Saturday, 04 February 2023

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