Dear CNS Students, 

We are fortunate to have so many gifted and hardworking students in the College of Natural Sciences. To celebrate your accomplishments and thank you for your contributions to our college, each year we recognize students for the Aspire Awards and the Distinctions Awards. 

The annual Aspire Awards celebrate Black and LatinX students who have excelled in the sciences. Two peer-nominated awards are given:

Distinctions can be awarded in four categories:

This week, Dr. Vanden Bout was kind enough to share his newsletter space so I can ask you to take a few moments to nominate a fellow CNS student or yourself by Friday, February 19th, at 5pm. Nominations are accepted for students at any point in their academic careers, not just graduating seniors. Answers to prompts do not need to be long and detailed, a nomination should take just a few minutes of your time. Thank you for helping us shine a light on your achievements! 


Anneke Chy, Assistant Dean for Advising & Student Support

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