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Share Your Research

Share Your Research

Dear Students,

Great news: Today's Health Professions Fair and this year's CNS Undergraduate Research Forum will both be in-person again this spring. If you're doing any kind of research—from working in a faculty research lab, to writing a literature review, to analyzing secondary data—you are invited to submit an abstract by March 4 and present your research.

I have vivid memories of presenting my own undergraduate research at a forum like this one. But don't take it from me. Listen to what CNS student Jahnabi Deka had to say:

When my group decided to present our research findings at the forum in 2021, my initial feeling was apprehension edged with panic. As someone who does not typically excel at public speaking, communicating the science seemed to be a difficult task. I felt intimidated by the complex presentations of my peers. In hindsight, participating in Forum was one of the best things I have done for my professional development. The most impactful part of the experience was talking to other students. The camaraderie among participants and guidance provided by faculty created an environment where participation was valued more than perfection. This forum allowed me to expand my limits and make new connections that I rely on to succeed at UT even today. These kinds of experiences celebrate science and cooperation, which I feel is the most important aspect of being a student in CNS.

If you're doing research, I hope you'll make a presentation. If you're not able to present, please come out to the Forum to support our student researchers and learn about the amazing science happening in CNS. I'll see you there.


Dr. Drew

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Saturday, 26 November 2022

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