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From the College of Natural Sciences
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Ready, Set... Go!

Ready, Set... Go!

Dear Students,

On Saturday I had the chance to attend my first CNS Science Sprint. A sprint is a one-day event in which teams of undergraduates work together on interesting real-world problems. At the sprint I attended, student teams worked with CNS data scientists to find ways to use data to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in our college. At the end of the day, the teams presented their proposals to an audience of CNS leaders, including myself. I left feeling inspired and truly amazed at what the students were able to accomplish in just one day of collaborative work. Thanks so much to the students who participated and to the TIDES team that organized it.

I mention this because I hope you'll consider participating in a future sprint. Sprints are a great way to meet new people and do science in a low-stakes, collaborative and fun environment. Anyone can join a sprint: from freshmen to seniors, with any level of experience in the topic—or no experience! There are sprints on all sorts of interesting topics. In previous years, we've had sprints about analyzing data from the Hobby-Eberly Telescope, developing wearable technology to monitor the environment and using drone videos to identify damage to buildings, to name just a few examples.

Our Science Sprints are done for this school year, but more will be planned for next year. Watch this space for information about our 2022-23 Sprints.

Dr. Drew

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Saturday, 26 November 2022

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