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First Galaxies, Helpful HALs, and the Upside of Drinking

First Galaxies, Helpful HALs, and the Upside of Drinking
In this week’s installment of Raw Science, we link to papers on early galaxies, helpful computers, and the surprising relationship between alcohol, obesity and diabetes.

A Helpful HAL

Designing software that can watch people, and assist and correct them, as they perform manual tasks.

A task-driven intelligent workspace system to provide guidance feedback,” Computer Vision and Image Understanding 114 (2010) 520–534. M.S. Ryoo, Kristen Grauman, J.K. Aggarwal.

The First Galaxies

Using three-dimensional cosmological simulations to study the assembly process of one of the first galaxies.

The First Galaxies: Chemical Enrichment, Mixing, and Star Formation,” The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 716, Issue 1, pp. 510-520 (2010). Thomas H. Greif, Simon C.O. Glover, Volker Bromm, Ralf S. Klessen.

Math Explorers

Making Math Instructional Software Work for Students with Learning Disabilities.

The identification, implementation, and evaluation of critical user interface design features of computer-assisted instruction programs in mathematics for students with learning disabilities,” Computers & Education 55 (2010) 363–377. You-Jin Seo, Honguk Woo.

When Drinking Can Help

Understanding how alcohol consumption can protect against the development of type-2 diabetes.

Effects of body weight and alcohol consumption on insulin sensitivity,” Nutrition Journal 2010, 9:14. Qiwei X. Paulson, Jina Hong, Valerie B. Holcomb, Nomeli P. Nunez.

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Saturday, 04 February 2023

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