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From the College of Natural Sciences
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One Fish, Two Fish, Five Gas Giants

One Fish, Two Fish, Five Gas Giants

In this inaugural installment of "Raw Science," our regular round-up of scientific papers authored by College of Natural Sciences researchers, we link to papers in the fields of marine science, molecular virology, human development, and planet detection.

Building a Better Phage

Biologists look for ways to improve the efficacy of phage therapy, a once-disgraced method for treating bacterial infections that’s being re-discovered, in part, in reaction to the growing threat of antibiotic resistant bacterial pathogens.

A tale of tails: Sialidase is key to success in a model of phage therapy against K1-capsulated Escherichia coli,” Virology. 2010 Mar 1; 398(1): 79-86. J.J. Bull , E.R. Vimr, & I.J. Molineux

One Fish, Two Fish

A team of marine biologists, including Marine Science Institute (MSI) graduate student Claudia R. Rocha, makes the case for the existence of Elops smithi, a new species of ladyfish.

A new species of ladyfish, of the genus Elops (Elopiformes: Elopidae), from the western Atlantic Ocean," Zootaxa 2346: 29–41 (2010). Richard S. McBride, Claudia R. Rocha, Ramon Ruiz-Carus & Brian W. Bowen.

Poverty and the American Child

Psychologists use an ecological theory of human development to investigate how poverty (understood as a “social address” rather than just a measure of income) influences children’s development.

Human Development in Societal Context, “Annu. Rev. Psychol. 2010. 61:411–37. Aletha C. Huston and Alison C. Bentley

Big Planets, Big Science

Kepler mission astronomers, including co-investigator Bill Cochran, report their discovery of five new gas giant planets orbiting close to Sun-like stars.

"Kepler Planet-Detection Mission: Introduction and First Results," Science 327 , 977 (2010); William J. Borucki, et al.

A Swarm of Salmonella
Seton, UT lay foundations for Austin medical schoo...


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