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From the College of Natural Sciences
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Q&A with President of the Natural Sciences Council

Q&A with President of the Natural Sciences Council
Matt Allen, president of the Natural Sciences Council

Matt Allen, president of the Natural Sciences Council

What is the Natural Sciences Council?

Our purpose is to act as a forum for communication between students and the administration, faculty, and staff of the College of Natural Sciences. We also play kickball, organize events (like Natural Sciences Week), do service activities, and hang out together.

How many members of the Natural Sciences Council are there?

There can be as many as 113, which is the 13 officers plus another 100 people. Going into the fall semester, there’s usually between 60-70 active members, which means that there’s space for another 40 or 50 to join.

How do you join?

Anyone in the college can join. You fill out an application, and we do interviews at the beginning of each semester. Usually there are about twice as many applicants as there are spots, so it’s competitive but it’s not ridiculously hard either.

Why do you organize Natural Sciences Week?

To show off what the college has to offer, to help welcome new students into the college, to build a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood in the college.

Is there free food?

Yes. At every event.

Is there a theme?

This year it’s “green science.”

Is there a student organization in the college that focuses on green science, or on environmental issues in general?

Actually, I don’t think there is. There are a lot of groups that will do environmental things, like participate in a clean-up of some area, for instance, but none that are just focused on that. It could be a good niche for a new student organization to fill.

This article originally appeared in the September 2009 issue of Insight.

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