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​Physicists Earn Career Research Awards from the Humboldt Foundation

​Physicists Earn Career Research Awards from the Humboldt Foundation

UT Austin physics professors Mike Downer and Philip J. Morrison each have garnered career research awards from the Humboldt Foundation to fund international research collaborations with German physicists.

Michael Downer (left) and Philip Morrison

The awards, both valued at around $70,000, will fund year-long fellowships at German universities, where the researchers will collaborate with international researchers in their field of expertise. The Humboldt Foundation gives both awards in response to career-long excellence in research.

Philip J. Morrison, a researcher at UT Austin's Institute of Fusion Studies, was awarded the Carl Friedrich von Siemens Research Award earlier this year, which is funded jointly by the Humboldt Foundation and the von Siemens Foundation. This award provides the funding to host Professor Morrison at the Max Planck Institute near Munich, Germany.

Mike Downer was awarded the Humboldt Research Award, which is given similarly for career-long dedication and excellence in any field. Downer will spend the Spring and Fall of 2017 in Germany, working in the HZDR lab in Dresden, Germany.

Morrison's work focuses on non-linear dynamics, which is the mathematical modeling and understanding of complex systems, such as the movement of fluids and plasmas Downer's work focuses on the use of lasers to capture images more quickly than a billionth of a second and on molecular scales.

The University of Texas at Austin has had 40 Humboldt awardees, coming from the humanities and nearly every field of science. 

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Friday, 27 January 2023

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