Dear Students, 

We are all knee-deep in the final throws of the semester, and it's at this point that I sometimes forget to take a moment and be present. There are so many wonderful students, staff, and faculty on this campus that when I get wrapped up in the busy I often forget to notice them. So today and every day this week I am going to perform a Not So Random Act of Kindness. It might be a compliment. It might be an e-mail to a student with a kudos. It might be a random thank you. Or it might be buying the person behind me in line a cup of coffee.

Will you join me? For example, one opportunity on campus this week is the CNS Cornerstones Share Your Success event. Hearing from other students about their successes and challenges is validating for the listener. Each of us, in our time at UT, encounter both. So stop by to share your story, and let us offer you an act of kindness, with some free pizza and swag while you're there.

There are more ways to show kindness, too: is filled with opportunities to give back. It doesn't have to take long or cost anything, but I'm sure it will mean the world to someone. And it will help relieve a bit of stress as the end of the semester is nearly upon us.

Dr. Vanden Bout