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Make Your Impact

Make Your Impact

Dear Students,

We talk a lot about the amazing science and math our CNS students and alumni are doing. But the impacts of our community outside of science are equally inspiring. Last week, I attended two events that really brought this home for me.

One event was the CNS Hall of Honor induction ceremony, which recognizes alumni and other friends of CNS who have impacted science, society and the college in amazing ways. Among the honorees this year were CNS physics alum Dr. James Truchard, co-founder of National Instruments; CNS math alum Poppy Northcutt, who first did pioneering work on the Apollo missions for NASA's Mission Control Center and later became an influential women's rights advocate; and cell and molecular biology alum Dale Butler, a decorated Navy combat surgeon. Hearing their stories reminded me that what starts in CNS really does change the world, in a big way.

The second event—a luncheon with members of CNS student orgs–was no less inspiring. I was filled with pride as I chatted with these students and heard about the amazing work they are doing to support the learning, belongingness and success of fellow students. I heard about students teaching students to suture using bananas; students helping each other navigate the medical school application process; and an annual hack-a-thon that welcomes students from all majors with or without computing experience.

If, like these students, you're already working to support our community: thank you. If you'd like to find out about new ways to impact our community (and meet new people and have fun while doing it), check out our amazing CNS student orgs here and here.

Dr. Drew
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Monday, 05 December 2022

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