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From the College of Natural Sciences
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Finding Your Community

Finding Your Community

Opportunities abound in the College of Natural Sciences. From tutoring services to student organizations to career fairs, the college has something for everyone. Be sure to explore your options and find a place to make our community into your community. 

 Dear Students,

My freshman year was not without its bumps. I really had to work hard in my writing class, because apparently I couldn't write to save my life. In my freshman physics class (my major) I had to drop back a level because I'd signed up for a class that was too advanced. With time, I figured out how to get around campus, figured out life in the dorms (including the bath down the hall), learned to leave early so I'd arrive on time to class, and learned that caffeine is no substitute for sleep.

It also took me a while to get to meet the right friends on campus. I incorrectly imagined that everything would happen immediately. When being myself didn't yield immediate friend results, I tried being like everyone else — turns out that really didn't work. So I went back to being the small town guy that liked old movies at the Union and classical orchestra concerts and volunteering as an adult literacy tutor. With time and patience, I found those people who would be my cohort throughout college.

The first of those were friends in my residence hall. We became study partners and fellow explorers of the city. Then there was an undergrad TA who showed me how to be more effective with time management — just like the peer mentors, FIG mentors, residence hall tutors and UGTAs we have here in the College of Natural Sciences. Student organizations are an easy place to broaden your support network as well. In groups ranging from the Hispanic Health Professions Association, to Natural Sciences Council, to the Society for Physics Students, to the Global Medical Training, to Women in Computer Science, their student leaders are here to help you connect to a community of others pursuing similar passions. Check out the complete list of student organizations. Here may be born friendships or interests that will last you a lifetime.

Whatever your path, I hope you will find your community here in the College of Natural Sciences. Investing in those relationships will strengthen your transition to and participation in college, and help you discover your future directions.

Welcome to our community,
Dr. Kopp

PS: Each week I try to make you aware of deadlines, events, and opportunities in the college and at UT. Please check out the complete list here at this link, which includes scholarship, pre-med, add/drop, and internship announcements. Of note, Friday is the deadline to apply to join the Natural Sciences Council. The NSC is the liaison between the students in the College of Natural Sciences and the Natural Sciences faculty and administration. NSC also runs many events (including NS week) for students in the college.

PPS: Also of note, the Natural Sciences Career Fair is Monday, 9/16 (1:00 – 6:00 p.m.) at the Erwin Center.   Check out the numerous employers present recruiting for both full-time and internship positions. To make the most of the event, follow these tips and be sure to follow the dress code described on the site. By attending, you may seek a position or just research your future career options. Visit the Career Design Center's website for online resources and workshop dates on how to prepare for the Career Fair. This will be one of three offered by the Career Design Center this year (including one on biomedical companies) and there will also be a Health Professions Fair.

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Monday, 17 January 2022

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