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Research Finds Men Intimidated by Smarts

Research Finds Men Intimidated by Smarts

​A study by Paul Eastwick, associate professor in the Department of Relationships and Family Sciences, was featured on ABC News and many other media organizations last week. This study found that men's response to intelligent women may not be what men themselves think it will be. 

​Eastwick's collaborators on the study included Lora E. Park at the University of Buffalo and Ariana Young at California Lutheran University. The researchers first polled participants, 150 male undergraduates, about whether they would date a woman smarter than they were. 86% of these men said they would. 

The researchers then put the participants through six experiments that tested their attraction to smart women. The study found that men were less willing to interact with and date smarter women when they were sitting next to them. 

Watch this segment on ABC News.

Read about this study in the Huffington Post.

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Guest - chelino on Thursday, 17 December 2015 13:19

what about smart men keen to date smart women?

what about smart men keen to date smart women?
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Sunday, 04 December 2022

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