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In Case You Missed It: The Hook Covers CNS Research

In Case You Missed It: The Hook Covers CNS Research

The Hook, a weekly video series by the Texas Exes alumni association, has covered three CNS research stories in the past couple of months. ​The research spotlights feature scientists from diverse areas such as computer science and marine biology.

​Watch the features below:

Micro Machines: Jeffrey Kuhn, a research fellow in molecular biosciences at the University of Texas at Austin, and his team have developed a novel technique to image living cells with a microscope.

Tales from the Crypsis: Molly Cummings, professor of integrative biology, helps explain how some fish are able to hide in the open ocean.

Artificial Evolution: Risto P Miikkulainen, professor of computer science, describes how his simulations of robot evolution has shown that mass extinctions can actually help evolution.  

Jekyll and Hyde Bacteria (Audio)
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Monday, 30 January 2023

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