Dear Students,

It's 104 in Austin today, and that is as much bad news as I have room for in this message. I have decided to focus instead on Some Good News:

  1. Student leaders made a difference. You will have seen the news from President Hartzell earlier this week about UT's work to create a more diverse and welcoming campus. Included in these important initiatives was word that the tallest building in Natural Sciences will have a new name: the Physics, Math and Astronomy building (PMA). Quite a few Natural Sciences students helped lead the charge for a more inclusive name to replace RLM. Your action counts.
  2. You have a new option to connect with fellow students. Longhorn Connection is a new site that brings students together – wherever you are – with virtual events and activities, playlists and pics, to support community, wellness and creativity. Your connections count.
  3. People are hard at work planning fall classes and experiences. Faculty and staff know next semester is different. They're hard at work finding ways to keep you engaged, learning, and growing for a new academic year. They are thinking about you every single day, as am I. Your education counts.

In other words, most of all, you count. Hang in there.

Dr. Vanden Bout

Joke: Be like a proton and stay positive!