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Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

Dear Students,

One of the largest stressors for students (and non-students, too) is finances. From making your budget last through the whole semester to credit card debt to even knowing if you have enough to cover that next meal, the stresses can have a real impact on academic success. Below are some support ideas to help assist in your financial wellness.

Let's start with general finances. Whether this is the first time you're on your own or have been keeping a budget for years, below are three tips to stay financially healthy.

  1. Have a budget. There are several apps and services out there that can help you track your expenses. If you have a financial institution (and it's a good idea!), you might start by looking on their website. One big part of this is learning to prioritize and say no to things that aren't in your budget. It's not easy, but it's necessary.
  2. Educate yourself about credit. There are many misconceptions about credit out there—practice being a scientist and do your research.
  3. If you've been spending a lot on eating out, cooking at home is an option for some students. Not everyone knows how, so UT nutrition faculty and students put together the resourceCook 'Em, complete with recipes, kitchen how-to's and YouTube videos.
And speaking of food, you may be tracking your money as best you can and still feel unsure of how you're going to afford your next meal. This is a real struggle for many of our students. If you find yourself in this position now or in the future, please know we care, and there are options.
  1. UT Outpost is an on-campus resource to help students with food-related needs.
  2. Talk to your advisor or another staff or faculty member. If you need more help, please e-mail me. Your well-being is important to all of us.
Just like going outside, eating well, and exercise, financial wellness is a big part of taking care of yourself, and there are resources—your own, and here at UT—to keep in mind.

Dr. Vanden Bout

Joke: What do you say to an overworked fashion designer? You seamstressed.

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Friday, 27 January 2023

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