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From the College of Natural Sciences


Dear students,
Classes are done.  All that is left in the semester is finals.  So I’d like to share two messages this week:  one for those you who are not graduating this May, and one for those of you who are.
For those of you not graduating:  Get to work.  You still have finals.  Make the most of the dead days.  If you find yourself stuck studying for one class, study something else for a while.  If you find yourself thinking, “I’ll start to study right after I finish this video,” think instead, “I’ll watch it after my finals are done.” I know it has been a long year, but don’t drop your good study habits here right at the finish line.
For those of you who are graduating:  Ditto.  You have to pass your classes.  Don’t forget that critical step.  Beyond that…
I know this time will be bittersweet.  You have likely vacillated between feeling like your term at UT might never end to wishing you had just a little more time.  But the end is indeed here, and now it’s time for you make your way out in the world. What starts here changes the world.  We say it all the time for one simple reason: it’s true.  And while the research and scholarship produced at UT will impact the world, by far the greatest influence the University will have is through the students it graduates.  You will go on to do amazing things in science, medicine, technology, business, education, and countless other areas.  So finish up your finals.  Come to commencement to celebrate your graduation.  And then go out and change the world.  
Here in the college offices we’d like to know a bit more about what each of you is heading out to do.  I will be sending you a survey in the near future. (I know, I know; yet another survey.)   We use our graduation survey to find out not only where students are going, but how to make the college a better place for the students who will follow you.  So please keep an eye out for it (don’t stop reading email from UT—not yet!)  I will see you all at Commencement.
Dr. Vanden Bout
P.S. The weekly newsletter link is at the top of the email. 
P.P.S.  If I mispronounce your name at graduation you have my permission to refer to me as Dr. “Vander Boot”.
P.P.P.S.  From the twitter feed in case you missed it last time, @_farfarhana says “What its the best way to prep fish for a chemist?  de “Broglie” it.


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Sunday, 18 April 2021

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