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CNS Cornerstones

CNS Cornerstones

Dear Students,

We are now heading into starting the routine of the semester. Right when you've found your rhythm, it will get disrupted by the first round of major assignments and exams. Not to worry. Those come in regular intervals as well, and you can work them into your routine, too.

Good routines are critical. There are things you should be doing regularly in college, some daily or weekly and some less frequently. We often remember the things we need to do all the time, but forget the big issues we need to check in on periodically. That is why we created CNS Cornerstones.

Cornerstones is our program to help all CNS students succeed during their four years at UT. While the program has a large focus on helping our freshmen (that means you, class of 2019!) acclimate to life in college, it doesn't stop in the first semester or even the first year. CNS Cornerstones is there to help you Connect, Navigate, Acclimate, and Explore during each year.

So whether you are a freshman who is learning about college life in your Cornerstones community or a senior who is wondering if everything is on track for graduation, there is something for everyone. Curious about what big ideas you should be thinking about? Check out the CNS Cornerstones website and explore what we have for your year.

Be sure to check back regularly as part of your routine—not just to see what you might have forgotten about but also to see what new things we've added.

Dr. Vanden Bout

P.S. Hopefully you like our new format for the weekly email. Now that we have settled in it should be sent out every Monday.

P.P.S. Follow me on Twitter @StudentDeanCNS (especially for the upcoming "Where Is Dean VDB?" contest).

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Saturday, 04 February 2023

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