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From the College of Natural Sciences

Former Associate Dean Sacha Kopp's weekly posts for students.

The Happiness of Pursuit

A sense of adventure and aspiring to new challenges is part of our nature. We love to explore and create, be it climbing a mountain, exploring at the bottom of the ocean, developing the iPhone and new apps that change lives, developing new medicines that save lives, or crafting policies that improve how we live. 

Gone (back) to Texas

Gone (back) to Texas

This is the first of this year's weekly emails that you'll be receiving from me, with important information from the college and random thoughts on the nature of life.

Introducing the New Bachelor of Science and Arts (BSA) in the College of Natural Sciences‏

Introducing the New Bachelor of Science and Arts (BSA) in the College of Natural Sciences‏

See what the college's new, unique degree plan can do for you.

Kopp's Weekly - Graduation and Commencement

Congratulations to all our seniors, and best wishes for the summer to all of you that will be returning.

Kopp's Weekly - Update on the BSA Degree Proposal‏

The new degree plans takes another step toward reality

Kopp's Weekly - Doubts

Everyone has some, no matter where they are in their lives.

Kopp's Weekly - Mentorship

Mentoring can work both ways.

Kopp's Weekly - What Is Your Story?

"The universe is made of stories, not atoms." -Muriel Rukheyser

Kopp's Weekly - Scientists and Integrity‏

The questions of academic integrity in college become the practice grounds for a life-long set of questions about how we will conduct ourselves.

Kopp's Weekly -- Exciting News from the World of Science

This has been a semester of breakthroughs in the College of Natural Sciences.

Kopp's Weekly - Town Hall on the BSA Degree Proposal‏

The college is exploring a new interdisciplinary degree plan called the Bachelors of Science and Arts.

Kopp's Weekly - A New Degree Plan Proposal in CNS‏

College administration want your opinion.

Kopp's Weekly - Celebrate Pi Day on Spring Break

A mathematician walks in to a bakery...

Kopp's Weekly - Scientists Pay It Forward‏

Spring break can be a time to think about giving back.

Kopp's Weekly - Constructive Criticism‏

Sometimes we need someone to point out our mistakes so that we can progress.