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From the College of Natural Sciences

Posts highlighting some of the many articles mentioning College of Natural Sciences faculty and students in the media.

Using a Virus’s Knack for Mutating to Wipe It Out

Evolution is a virus’s secret weapon. The virus can rapidly slip on new disguises to evade our immune systems, and it can become resistant to antiviral drugs. But some scientists are turning the virus’s secret weapon against it. Read the full story featuring biologists Claus Wilke and James Bull.

UT System: BFL will stay on Lady Bird Lake

University of Texas System Board of Regents unanimously agreed not to move Brackenridge Field Lab from a 350-acre tract under consideration for commercial and residential development. Read the full story.

UTeach replicated at Middle Tennessee State University

Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) has received a five-year, $1.925 million grant to replicate UTeach.

UT student wins Marshall Scholarship

Grace Eckhoff, a biology major, will use the prize to study at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Read the story here.

UT scientists weed out switch grass in search for biofuel

In experiments, they hope to learn which varieties will fare best in a changing climate.

Desert sky may yield answers

Six astronomers huddled around a cluster of glowing monitors, wrapping up a six-day test run for a $34 million experiment that will keep the McDonald Observatory’s largest telescope busy for three years, probing the mysteries of dark energy...Read the full article.

Unlocking the Mystery to Addiction

Waggoner Center for Alcohol and Addiction Research is featured in this story on Fox 7 News. Read the full article here.

UT researching H1N1 with supercomputer

Lauren Ancel Meyers models H1N1 in effort to aid the U.S. Centers for Disease Control in their work to protect against the flu pandemic. Read the full article.

Radio transmitters help kids track snakes like hawks

Herpetologist Travis LaDuc works with area teacher and students to map and study snake ecology on their campus. Read the full article.

Brave Thinkers: Camille Parmesan

It's a bold idea: helping species affected negatively by global warming move to new habitats. Read the full article.

Coastal birds decline as development rises...

Marine scientists find several bird species in decline along the Texas Gulf Coast. Read the story here.

UT student spends summer job chasing tiny wasps

Jay Falk inspects a tall reed resembling bamboo that grows abundantly along the banks of dry Shoal Creek and smiles when he sees tiny holes in one of the side shoots. It was here, he's sure: a nonstinging wasp close to his heart. In its larval stage, it lived inside the shoot and ate. Once it became an adult female, it bore a hole and exited, o...

UTeach Cited by Obama

UTeach is help up by President of Obama as an example of how to improve science and math education in America.

Supernova Discovery Makes Time's Top 10

J Craig Wheeler and Robert Quimby's discovery of brightest supernova named a top 10 scientific discovery in 2007 by Time magazine. Read the article here.

Missing Link Dino Discovery

Paleontologist Brenda Chinnery-Allgeier identifies an unusual dino fossil from Montana that's an early relative of the Triceratops. Read the National Geographic story here.