From the College of Natural Sciences

Posts highlighting some of the many articles mentioning College of Natural Sciences faculty and students in the media.

Heavy Hitters

How soccer-playing robots may someday save lives.

Team Creates World's Smallest Semiconductor Laser

The world's newest laser can't even be seen with the naked eye.

Debate: Benefits of Laser Isotope Separation

Mark Raizen debates the benefits and risks of tapping into the rare isotopes of the elements.

Husbands Show Love by Initiating Sex

Research shows differences in how the genders express their love.

Animals on the Move

A warming climate means shifting ranges and mixed-up relationships for a lot of species.

Reading, Writing, & Revolution

You’ve never taken a flipped class, but your kids and grandkids will.

Why the Higgs Boson Matters

Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg on the importance of new discoveries at CERN.

Rebounding Flounder

Marine scientist Joan Holt's work recovering dwindling flounder populations featured in this Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine article.

UT Robots Win Soccer Championship

Computer scientist Peter Stone and his crew win big.

How We Think Like Fish, Birds and Even Reptiles

Our decision-making circuitry goes 450 million years back on the tree of life.

Contaminants Become Us

The contaminants in our food, water, soil and air may be changing not just us but our children and grandchildren as well.

You Can Go Home Again

Professor's research shows closer bonds between young adults and their parents should be celebrated.

WWII Chemical Exposure May Pass Down Disease

Descendants of rats exposed to a crop fungicide were less sociable, more obese and more anxious.

Dirty Twist on Beating the Prisoner's Dilemma

How to win (sort of) without cooperating with your counterpart.

Ants Go Marching Under the Eye of Texas' Top Scientist

Research on ants helps yield answers to the web of life.