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From the College of Natural Sciences

Posts highlighting some of the many articles mentioning College of Natural Sciences faculty and students in the media.

Media Roundup: Tiny 3-D Cages for Studying Bacteria

Chemistry professor Jason Shear and molecular biosciences professor Marvin Whiteley, along with a team including postdoc Jodi Connell, have found a way to use 3-D printing to create "cages" that can be used to isolate bacteria to see and study how they interact. The group has received a vast amount of media attention highlighting their research. P...

These Mice Sing to the Skies to Avoid Forest Confrontations

Postdoc Bret Pasch and his colleagues have discovered that two species of singing mice use their voices to claim territory. 

Ecuador Exposes Rain Forest and its Inhabitants to Oil Extraction Effort

The national park in Ecuador where neuroscientist Max Snodderly performs his research on monkeys is now being opened up for oil exploration. 

Outdoors: Tarpon Scales Contain Keys to Life Tales

Researchers at our Marine Science Institute are using the scales of tarpon fish to learn about their mysterious movement and habitats. 

New Method of Desalination Requires Little Energy

Richard Crooks and collaborators developed a new method to remove salt from seawater using a small electric field. 

Disruptions: How Driverless Cars Could Reshape Cities

The New York Times discusses the Autonomous Intersection Management project, created by our Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, in a piece about the future of driverless vehicles. 

The Super Material Of The Future Will Be Cheap, Strong And Organic

In The Huffington Post

The Technology and Ethics of Self Diagnosis

Take two aspirin and call... yourself.

Adapting to Life in the New Arctic

The arctic is a completely different place, says marine scientist.

News About Texas Longhorn Genetics

A round-up of media coverage for Hillis and McTavish's research on Texas Longhorns.

UT Research Traces Longhorn History to Middle East, India

The longhorn went on quite a journey to become the symbol of Texas.

Dead Zebras in Electrified Cages Show How Anthrax Spreads in Wild

That's not just awesome words we strung together. It's real science.

A New Supermaterial: Nanocellulose

Perfecting the production process could help reduce greenhouse gases.
Report Calls for New Priorities in Breast Cancer Prevention

Report Calls for New Priorities in Breast Cancer Prevention


Environmental factors of breast cancer need to be a research priority, committee says.

HIV Treatment Without Drugs

Genetic "editing" mimics the multi-pronged defenses of the drug cocktail.