From the College of Natural Sciences

Posts highlighting some of the many articles mentioning College of Natural Sciences faculty and students in the media.

A Dying Star Is Reborn in a Lab

“Astronomy has now become an experimental science.”

A New Computer Game 'Bot' Acts Just Like a Real Person

Our bot is better than your bot — as well as your brain.

Gene Tests in Yeast Aid Work on Cancer

"Its cancer-fighting ability has been hiding in plain sight since the 1960s."

Wallingford in The Scientist: Taking the Long View

Biologist John Wallingford gets an in-depth profile.

UT Researchers Unlock Mystery of DEAD-box Enzymes

One enzyme at a time.

New Technology Helps Cope with Heat Buildup in Nuclear Fusion

Patented technology could help make nuclear energy a more viable energy source.

They Are Robots and This Is Robocup

A different kind of soccer.

Manager of Brackenridge Lab Retires After 50 Years

A lifetime of service draws to a close.

TIME: Z Machine Produces Six Times the World’s Energy to Create White Dwarf Star

Research delves into how stars are created.

Chron: Damselflies on the Ceiling of Your Mind

A blogger at The Austin Chronicle recommends John Abbott's book Damselflies of Texas: A Field Guide.  

NY Daily News: Astronomers Recreate Surface of White Dwarf Star

Research could one day lead to nuclear fusion as a ‘meaningful energy source.’

Statesman: UT Researchers Help Develop World's Smallest Nanolaser

Laser could help computers run long and fast — yet stay cool.

Columbia Dispatch: Advice Can Save Vacation from Ruin

Russ Poldrack interviewed about the right and wrong way to vacation.

Hays Free Press: Students Blend Astronomy, Social Media

Tweeting, facebooking, and oh first-hand astronomy research.

Daily Texan: UT Scientists Develop World’s Smallest Laser

The semiconductor nanolaser could have impacts on all sectors of technology.