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From the College of Natural Sciences

Lev Sepetov is a third year chemistry major and summer intern for the Office of Communications for the College of Natural Sciences. He’s worked as an undergraduate researcher for FRI and helped with the FRI takeover during the 40 for 40 fundraiser event. He’s the babiest of three brothers and is always willing to help you with your chemistry homework.

Esther is an Austin native who spent more than 12 years as a newspaper journalist with publications like the Austin American-Statesman and the Charlotte Observer. When she's not writing, she likes to travel, read and knit. 
Juan Lozano is a communications intern for the College of Natural Sciences. He is a mathematics major here at UT, and is from Houston. Juan also participates in the UT Sciences Toastmaster's organization and is interested in all things science, literature, philosophy, and math related.