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From the College of Natural Sciences

Sacha Kopp is a former associate dean for undergraduate education in the College of Natural Sciences. These are posts from his blog, Kopp's Weekly written from August 2011 to April 2014.

Kopp's Weekly - NS Week Is Here

Dear Students, This week is Natural Sciences Week! Events throughout the week will celebrate some of the goings-on in the College and give you opportunities to network with other students in student groups and with our faculty. Check out the events below and on facebook! This was an unusual week in science: a group at the CERN Laboratory in Swit...

Kopp's Weekly - NS Week is Coming

Dear Students, I hope you had a good weekend in what feels like fall weather (for Texas). Maybe you even got out to the ACL Festival over the weekend? Remember that today is the Career Expo over in the Erwin Center from 1-6pm. There are shuttles leaving from Littlefeld Fountain and from San Jac at 23rd by the stadium. Dress is business casual an...

Kopp's Weekly - Midterms!

Dear Students, With a fun football game behind us, we're about to start the fourth week of the semester. This is where the enjoyable leisure of summer starts to fade and professors introduce our first midterm exams of the semester. Its hard to go against human nature and prepare in advance, but that's what has to happen. I hope you are able to sp...

Dean's Letter -- Week of 9/6/11 -- It's about Jobs!

Dear Students, I hope you had a good Labor Day weekend. Rest assured, for both faculty and students alike it is a welcome break to have a little down time early in the semester to regroup, take stock of all we have to do, and have a little unstructured time. Remember that Sept 9 is the 12th class day, the last day to drop a class without taking a...

Dean's Letter - Week of 8/22/11 - Welcome to the College!

Welcome to the College of Natural Sciences! I'm happy to see all of you back on campus and to think about the coming semester and all the potential it holds for you. This is the first of weekly emails that you'll be receiving from me, with important information and whimsical thoughts on the nature of life.