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From the College of Natural Sciences

Sacha Kopp is a former associate dean for undergraduate education in the College of Natural Sciences. These are posts from his blog, Kopp's Weekly written from August 2011 to April 2014.

Kopp's Weekly - Spring Becomes Summer‏

The College is offering some exciting opportunities for students this summer.

Kopp's Weekly - Failure Is Part of Science and Life

Failure is a part of life and how we deal with it impacts how successful we will be.

Kopp's Weekly - Explore UT

Saturday, March 3, is Explore UT, the biggest open house in the state of Texas

Kopp's Weekly - Science is Communication

As scientists, it is in our blood to communicate.

Kopp's Weekly - Beauty in Science

Science is more than just a series of puzzles to solve.

Kopp's Weekly - Spring Opportunities

Look beyond the sciences.

Kopp's Weekly - There Is No Wizard

You have the stuff to succeed here in the College of Natural Sciences. We here just need to convince you of it.

Kopp's Weekly - The Undergraduate Research Forum

Getting ready for the Undergraduate Research Forum.

Kopp's Weekly - New Year's Resolutions

It's a New Year, and like many of us my thoughts turn to New Year's resolutions.

Kopp's Weekly - A Community of Learners

The shared experience of us all striving for new knowledge is one of those things that makes being at a university special.