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From the College of Natural Sciences

Sacha Kopp is a former associate dean for undergraduate education in the College of Natural Sciences. These are posts from his blog, Kopp's Weekly written from August 2011 to April 2014.

Remember Freshman Year? We Want to Talk to You!

Be sure to attend the CNS Town Hall on Wednesday, Feb. 5. 

What Will Your Life Look Like?

Opportunities abound for you to be as successful as our great faculty. 

We Are All Very Fortunate

What do you appreciate about UT Austin the College of Natural Sciences?

Core values‏

There's never anything wrong with a bit of self-reflection. 

The Power of One‏

Dare to make a difference. 

Thanksgiving and Job Shadowing‏

Don't forget to check out the College of Natural Sciences Externship Program — opportunities await. 

Flipped Classes, Teaching and Learning‏

Your college wants to hear from you. 

Have Your Voice Heard in CNS!‏

There are numerous ways to get involved in the college as a student leader. 

We All Get by with a Little Help from Our Friends‏

(That's a Beatles song for those of you under 50.)

Life Is Non-linear (Thankfully)‏

Let the college help you find your own path.