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As Remote School for Texas Kids Continues, Try These STEM Learning Resources

As Remote School for Texas Kids Continues, Try These STEM Learning Resources

With Texas' governor among those declaring that K-12 schools will remain closed through the end of the school year, many families and teachers are looking for resources to support learning from home. Several outreach programs in the College of Natural Sciences and at UT Austin support STEM learning from afar. Here are a few to check out.

Chemistry: The Big Book of Experiments

Visit Dr. "Kate the Chemist" Biberdorf's YouTube channel to watch dozens of general chemistry videos and science demonstrations. The author of a new book with 25 experiments for homebound kids who love science, Biberdorf also shares science demonstrations that are easy to do with items on hand in many homes on her Instagram channel

Neuroscience: UT Brainstorms

The Department of Neuroscience at the University of Texas at Austin has had nearly three seasons now of the popular lecture series UT Brainstorms. The entire archive is available online for on-demand viewing. 

Credit: Richard Barnden

Marine Science Institute: Daily Virtual Ocean Science Activities

Six days a week at 1 p.m., UTMSI brings a new offering for science lovers care of the educational program staff. From science talks to virtual beach-combing to hands-on science exploration activities to calming nature-inspired videos, take an after-lunch break each day on the UTMSI Facebook page.

Astronomy: Seeing Outer Space Online

Enjoying astronomy in action at the Observatory can happen from the comfort of your home. UT Austin's McDonald Observatory offers opportunities to explore the West Texas mountain observatory, look up into the sky with members of the K-12 Program Team during a videoconference, and enjoy guided night-time YouTube livestreams with a view from one of the observatory telescopes into deep space. 

UT astronomers in Austin are also involved in virtual Astronomy on Tap, like this honoring the 30th birthday of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Nutrition: Cook 'Em

Turn mealtime into a learning opportunity with these healthy video recipes created by UT Austin nutrition students. Based in the in the Department of Nutritional Sciences, Cook 'Em is an online collection of student-produced instructional videos designed to promote healthy eating through the application of nutritional science in daily life. Basics of kitchen mastery and recipes in action are among the offerings.

Biodiversity: Falcon Cam

The University of Texas Tower is home to a female Peregrine Falcon, nicknamed "Tower Girl." An urban predator who lives in Austin year-round, she can be seen swooping down at remarkable speeds to find her prey. A live camera allows budding scientists and fans to learn and observe by tuning in to her nest box at the top of UT's iconic tower. 

Environmental Science Institute: Hot Science Cool Talks

Get a front row seat to world-class research by accessing Hot Science – Cool Talks' online archive. This nationally recognized series allows leading researchers from The University of Texas and other prominent universities to share their passion about science, technology, engineering and math with the general public.

Priscilla Pond Flawn Child and Family Laboratory: Tours, Stories and More

UT specialists in early education based in the Department of Human Development and Family Sciences have compiled resources to support families learning with young children. Find a trove of resources from around not just Texas but the world sure to be of interest for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Texas Memorial Museum: Fossil Fun and Other Science

With its doors currently closed to the public, TMM has begun offering new science activities for museum-goers on its social media channels. In one of the first offerings, in conjunction with researchers from the Jackson School of Geosciences, you can download a print and play fossilization game.

Computer Science: Virtual Robotics Camp
High school students typically build a robot from the ground up and learn about artificial intelligence and its applications at this annual camp hosted by the Department of Computer Science. This year, at a discounted rate, faculty and other robotics experts will give participants a robotics experience uniquely online.

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Guest - walter zamprogno on Saturday, 25 April 2020 11:37

Sra. Vivian Abagiu: Excelente contenido. Felicitaciones. Muy interesante e instructivo.
Atte. Walter Zamprogno
República Argentina

Sra. Vivian Abagiu: Excelente contenido. Felicitaciones. Muy interesante e instructivo. Atte. Walter Zamprogno República Argentina
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