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Ants Hibernating in a Coat of Fungus

Ants Hibernating in a Coat of Fungus
In this week’s installment of Raw Science, we link to recent papers in the fields of biochemistry, epigenetics, integrative biology, and human ecology.

Ants Hibernating in a Coat of Fungus

Biologists describe describe the peculiar fungus-coating behavior of the attine ant Mycetosoritis clorindae, where hibernating workers become enveloped in a live fungal mycelial coat.

Planting of fungus onto hibernating workers of the fungus-growing ant Mycetosoritis clorindae (Attini, Formicidae),” Insect. Soc. (2010) 57:209–215. U. G. Mueller, A. Ortiz, M. Bacci Jr.

New Hope for Treating Spinal Cord Injury

Biochemists and engineers demonstrate how RNA aptamers may prove useful for healing spinal cord and other neuronal damage.

Aptamer Antagonists of Myelin-Derived Inhibitors Promote Axon Growth,” PLoS one 5(3): e9726. Yuxuan Wang, Zin Z. Khaing, Na Li, Brad Hall, Christine E. Schmidt, Andrew D. Ellington.

Grokking Epigenetics

Biologist discusses how early experiences can affect gene expression in such a way that, although the DNA sequence itself is not changed, the individual’s physiology and behavior is substantially influenced (and how such changes can even, in some cases, be passed on to the next generation).

Epigenetics, brain, behavior, and the environment,” Hormones 2010, 9(1):41-50. David Crews.

Can Dads Be Too Involved?

Human ecologists look at how super-involved dads can actually decrease the parenting confidence of their spouses.

The supermom trap: Do involved dads erode moms’ self-competence?” Personal Relationships, 17 (2010), 71 – 79. Takayuki Sasaki, Nancy L. Hazen, and William B. Swann Jr.
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