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All of the Things

All of the Things

Dear Students,

The fall semester is in full gear, and as always things are moving at a rapid pace. It can take some effort to stay on top of all of the resources people let you know about as a Texas Science student. This year, without random conversations in hallways and seeing sidewalk chalk reminders about upcoming events, that may feel especially true. 

But opportunities and resources remain to help you succeed and allow you to get the most of our your college experience. That's true no matter who you are. For example:

  • Are you a student up for a challenge ready to try something new? Consider signing up for a Science Sprint, later this month or in October.
  • Have you started to recognize you may need some extra academic support in one of your classes? Reach out to our Sanger Learning Center.
  • Are you a new student, still getting to know the College and UT? Be sure to make the most of your CNS Cornerstone community.
  • Have you been thinking about the future? There are many people ready to help you prepare for your next chapter, whether you are thinking about continuing your education or finding a job. For those of you starting to look for a job or internship, be sure to check out the CNS Technology and Science Career Fair. Registration opens today.
  • Finally, are you in Austin and coming to campus? Remember there are a number of resources to help keep you healthy and safe. The Protect Texas Together app (developed in part by CNS students) and the freely available proactive community testing (developed in part by CNS faculty) for people without COVID-19 symptoms are among them.

Wherever you are, it's a good idea to make a practice of taking time once a week, when you are feeling fresh and alert, to review your emails and make sure you know about the resources available. As always, more can be found further down in this email.


Dr. Vanden Bout

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Friday, 03 February 2023

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