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Established by former students, friends and colleagues of Professor Lagowski, the J.J. Lagowski Excellence Fund in Chemistry will be a tribute to Professor Lagowski's legacy of research, teaching, and service. During the course of his career he developed broad interests both in fundamental chemistry and chemical education. He published more than 150 papers and authored 18 books, and his work was recognized in the Journal of the American Chemical Society. He was a pioneer in his field by helping introduce computer-based methods into chemistry courses. Professor Lagowski was editor-in-chief of the Encyclopedia of Chemistry and editor for the Journal of Chemical Education, publishing a remarkable 206 editorials. He helped develop chemistry programs in the Middle East and Asia, and lectured on various topics in Chemical Education. He served the scientific community in many ways, including serving on several national evaluation panels, as well as President of the Southwest Region of the American Chemical Society. In addition to his service, Professor Lagowski recieved numerous awards, including the Chemical National Manufacturing Association Award for Excellence in Chemistry Teaching.

This endowment will support, in perpetuity, the Department of Chemistry at The University of Texas at Austin and our goal is to raise $25,000. All pledges in support of the J.J. Lagowski Excellence Fund in Chemistry may be paid over a five-year window.

Funds distributed annually from this excellence fund will provide the Department of Chemistry a sound investment for a better future. It will provide a predictable, steady source of funding over time for students and faculty to develop new technologies, ideas and solutions to change the world.

Learn more about this opportunity, download a pledge form, or make your gift online at txsci.net/JLagowski.

Questions? Please call Sarah Heier at 512-471-3299 or email sarah.heier@austin.utexas.edu.


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 J.J Lagowski

“My mentorship under Professor Lagowski began my freshman year. I graduated from UT Austin, but I have not forgotten his commitment to mentoring and undergraduate education. I know we can all still picture the big smile on his face every time he saw a young person discovering chemistry in the lab ― that was his biggest gift to us and his legacy.”
- Nick Conley, Ph.D
CEO & Co-founder of EpiBiome

"JJL and The University of Texas provided the foundation upon which my career was built. I owe JJL a lot, think of him often, and I'm honored to be one of the first to contribute to the Joseph Lagowski Excellence Fund."
- Ted M. Pettijohn, PhD 1986,
Sr VP, Evonik Corporation