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Lynda Gonzales
Director for Student Programs

Support This Year's Undergraduate Research Forum

We invite you to participate in our annual Undergraduate Research Forum to be held on campus Wednesday, April 12, 2017 from 11am - 3pm.  The Forum spotlights undergraduate research poster presentations, and companies that have participated in past years have benefited from excellent interaction with our highest caliber students. Students benefit from this event because it prepares them to present their work professionally and provides them constructive feedback and recognition for their work. An Awards Banquet will be held from 6-8 pm Tuesday, April 25, 2017 in the Texas Union to honor all Forum winners.

Companies are invited to participate in several ways:

  • By providing representatives as presentation evaluators
  • By providing research excellence awards to recognize outstanding undergraduate research and superior research presentations
  • By sponsoring fellowships for the continuation of research projects through the school year

We will be recognizing participating companies on all printed material associated with the event as well as on our program web site. In addition, there will be an award ceremony where we will recognize representatives, supporters and student winners.

Best wishes,
Lynda Gonzales
Undergraduate Research Forum Coordinator

Ways your company can support undergraduate research

1) By providing representatives as presentation evaluators

Representatives can select posters from fields of study they would like to evaluate. We are looking for individuals with a genuine interest in engaging in conversation with undergraduate students about their research. Specifically, we need people with a variety of backgrounds and interests. And while a background in science is preferred, it is not a requirement. 

Undergraduate Research Forum Judges FAQ

2) Excellence Awards

  • $500 award to student 

Corporate sponsors are invited to provide excellence awards to recognize outstanding undergraduate research and superior presentations. Top poster presentations will be identified by faculty and industry evaluators on the day of the Forum and students will be presented with corporate awards at the Awards Banquet later in April. 

3) Undergraduate Research Fellowships 

Donors can elect to fund a research fellowship that would support an undergraduate student doing research for the summer or the academic school year. These awards are for students of high caliber that will be starting or continuing a project.

  • Typical award levels are $1,250 (half time, summer), $2,500 (full time, summer), and $2,500 (part time, academic year semester).

For more information please contact the Forum Industry Coordinator, Dr. Tim Riedel, at