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Use the summer to take your research experience to the next level! 

Participating in research during the summer allows students to focus on their projects in a more intensive way that may not be possible during the academic year. UT Austin students are able to do research in labs on campus as well as through programs hosted by outside institutions. 


To learn more about summer opportunities, explore the resources below, attend the annual summer research workshop, make an appointment at TIDES, PAI 3.04, 512-232-9358, or come to walk-in advising.

Fall 2017 Walk-in Advising
Tuesdays 1-3pm
Thursdays 10am-12noon

Summer Opportunities Workshop
Each fall, TIDES and SURGe co-host a summer research workshop that provides the latest information on how to find, select and apply for summer research positions. The Fall 2017 workshop will be held on Friday, November 10, from 3-5pm in WCH 1.120. 

Materials from the workshop: 
Finding a Summer Research Opportunity & Crafting an Application


Subscribe to the CNS Undergraduate Research Mailing list to receive postings and information about summer research opportunities in the sciences.

Search databases and listings for research opportunities that take place off-campus/outside UT-Austin.

Search professional society resources.

Find an internship that incorporates research.

Consider a research experience abroad. 

Explore summer research programs at UT. (Participation may be limited to non-UT students in some cases; read each announcement for details).