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The Web & Applications team is reponsible for the development of CNS websites, web applications and general software/application development. We work closely with other groups to provide services to the Dean's Office, CNS Departments, CNS Students and the general public. 

Requesting Web Services

For Existing web sites

Please complete the Help Request Form and provide the url of the site in question with details about your problem.


The University has a supported service for creating your own blogs and simple websites for classes and labs. Learn more about UT sites here.

If you previously used the College's CNS sites and are looking for user documentation, CNS Sites guidance is here.

Other Website Requests

New website requests should go through the Communications and Media office first, who can help to determine the best method to deliver your content to its desired audience. For new website requests please complete the Help Request Form.

General Web Requests

Any general web questions can be directed to our webmaster.

Requesting Application Services

All application requests, for new or existing applications, should be sent through the Help Request Form. After review a member of the Applications Team will contact you to discuss your needs further.