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For any OS Software upgrades (desktop/phone/tablets), please consult with IT before proceeding. If you wish to self-manage, please back up your data prior to upgrading. We have received many reports of failed attempts that have generated loss of data.

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  • Quick Tip for Pasting Content into UT Mail (Gmail)

    Mar 20, 2017 I've been using UT Mail for a couple of years now, and one thing that has always bothered me is that copying and pasting content into UT Mail keeps the formatting of the original source.  I've been suffering along with this by pasting the content in, selecting it, and then using the "remove formatting" (menu item, or CTRL + \) option:  Not a productive or optimal way of doing things.       

  • Office Suite Options

    Mar 13, 2017 We all know that Microsoft Office is the de-facto office suite today.  Time was, you had to pay an arm and a leg for Microsoft Office, and competing products weren't compatible.  That's all changing.Today, UT faculty and staff (see below for students) are eligible for free copies of Microsoft Office on University-owned machines under our site licenses.  Contact the CNS Help Desk at if you need a copy or need to upgrade to the[…]

  • Spring Break

    Mar 6, 2017 Spring Break is almost upon us! While many of you will be on vacation for Spring Break, others of us will be busy working to further improve your Information Technology resources here on campus.You can see what Information Technology work the university is planning at the wiki page (requires UT EID login).  CNS planned work can always be found at as well.       

  • Why You Should Check With CNS OIT Before You Buy or Build Your Next Computer

    Feb 27, 2017 A computer is just a computer, right?  You would think that, as they are everywhere; ubiquitous even. And we are used to using our personal computers to accomplish a range of tasks, everything from word processing, balancing financial spreadsheets, and keeping up on current events, to video chatting with family, friends, and colleagues thousands of miles away, watching movies, or playing games. Such computers are sometimes called general-purpose computers; and thanks to their versatility, it seems to[…]


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