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CNS Systems Status Report


Scheduled Maintenance


For any OS Software upgrades (desktop/phone/tablets), please consult with IT before proceeding. If you wish to self-manage, please back up your data prior to upgrading. We have received many reports of failed attempts that have generated loss of data.



To submit a help request and for questions or issues regarding hardware, software, networking, go to our help request form section. The best method to receive help is via our help request form. 

If you have a problem that requires immediate attention, call the CNS Help Desk at 512-232-1077

To submit a request for new employee's hardware/software needs or to note office moves involving computer equipment, please contact Doreen Tracy (dtracy@utexas.edu) to obtain a form that must be filled and submitted to help@cns.utexas.edu.

URGENT: Please note that XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft making it a huge risk on campus network.  The university does not allow any device running an operating system that the original manufacturer no longer supports.  If you wish to coordinate a migration off of XP, please submit a request via the help request form.

CHANGES TO MANAGED MACHINES: Click here to see a list of changes that are being applied to managed machines according to Acceptable Use Policies, Security Requirements, Compromise Mitigation, etc.

ADMINISTRATIVE ACCESS: Please review the Administrative Access Matrix to get familiar with what administrative access to your machine actually entails.