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CNS Systems Status Report


Scheduled Maintenance


For any OS Software upgrades (desktop/phone/tablets), please consult with IT before proceeding. If you wish to self-manage, please back up your data prior to upgrading. We have received many reports of failed attempts that have generated loss of data.

Viewing Class Lectures

Welcome to the UT College of Natural Sciences' lecture viewing system. With the consent of faculty, we are recording audio and video of select class lectures and making them available to students on the web for review and study for the current semester. Students of these selected classes will have free, on-demand access to audio, video, graphics, text, images, and podcasts of their class. Please ask your professor if your class is available on-line through this system. 

Faculty, staff and students can access lecture videos using their UT EID via the following link:

UT College of Natural Sciences Lectures 

NOTE: Please remember that your viewing experience is dependent on an up-to-date browser. 

Recording Class Lectures

Requests must be submitted by the professor teaching the course set to be recorded.  To schedule your class or event for recording, please send your request with beginning and end dates, length of recording, Instructor's name, and desired description for the recording with unique number (if it’s a class) to 


Please give at least a 24 hour notice before the lecture that you would like to record, if at all possible, to give ample time for us to handle your request. 

Sample of CNS Video Template currently usedlecturesondemand

Support with Issues Related to Recorded Lectures

The CNS Classroom Technology Team continuously monitors a live stream of the capture stations. If you are in need of support, please submit a ticket tvia our help form https://cns.utexas.edu/information-technology/help-request-forms

For emergencies, contact the AV Help Desk at 232-9173.

Locations of Existing Recording Devices

The following rooms currently have capture stations installed.

WEL 2.224

WEL 1.308

WEL 1.316

WEL 2.246

Welch rooms are under rennovation.  Non-CNS rooms are under the control of the unit that it falls under and we are unable to change or request any lecture capture be put in place, even as a temporary measure.

PAI 3.02 (not under mediasite.  Currently using a LAITs Lecture Capture system) 

Retention of Recordings

The College of Natural Sciences will retain your lecture videos for 1 year.


For questions regarding this recording technology, please contact CNS IT Support at help@cns.utexas.edu or use the CNS IT Help Form.