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Classroom Maintenance and User Support Team
Monday - Friday, 8 am - 8 pm, WEL 2.244, CNS IT Help Form, Emergency Line: 232-9173

Training and Assistance

The technology in our classrooms is designed to be user-operated. Users may request an individual training session on the technology by contacting CNS Classroom Technology Services. New faculty and first-time users are encouraged to take advantage of this service. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to provide someone to operate the technology or to remain in a classroom during a presentation.

The Help Desk

The CNS IT Classroom Help Desk (512-232-9173) is in operation Monday through Friday, 8 am through 8 pm, to respond to problems in classrooms. Within minutes, a staff member can be in any classroom to help solve a technology problem. With advance notice, staff can also meet presenters immediately before presentations to assist them with connecting a laptop or other user-provided device.  It is key to prep before running a session by testing all equipment prior to the start of the course.  This offers IT the opportunity to address any technical issues to ensure your course has no issues during the instructional period.

Room Access

General Purpose classrooms usually remain unlocked when classes are in session or exams are being held. If a room is reserved through the Office of the Registrar, it will be unlocked if necessary by Physical Plant. Doors to departmental classrooms are under the control of the department owning the classroom.

Technology Console Access

A key is needed to open the technology console and gain access to the computers and microphone. The same key works in all classrooms in the College of Natural Sciences and will work from semester to semester. Faculty may obtain a key by visiting WEL 2.244.

Additionally, a passcode must be entered on the touch screen to power up the system. The pass code will be provided along with the key.

Projection Booth Access

Access to the projection booth in a general-purpose classroom is restricted. If access to the booth is needed, contact CNS Classroom Technology Services. Generally there is nothing in the booth that will need to be operated or handled by the faculty or staff.

Security Alarms

Classroom technology - whether located in the console at the front of the room, in the projection booth, or attached to the ceiling - is protected by an alarm system monitored by the UT Police Department. Any attempt to move or disconnect the technology will set off the alarm. Police will arrive momentarily and ask for identification. If you accidentally set off the alarm during normal business hours, please call the help desk (512-232-9173). A technical support staff member will be dispatched to reconnect the technology and reset the alarm after the police have left.

Classroom Furnishings

This is maintained by CNS Facilities and/or Main Campus Facilities.  Please report any furnishing questions to CNS Facilities at 512-475-9463.

Classroom Technology Maintenance

Each weekday morning between 6:30 and 8:00 am, student assistants visit the general-purpose classrooms, test the technology, and look for other problems. The goal is that all classrooms be in working order by the start of the first class. Though we make every effort to ensure the systems are correct functioning, equipment can fail at any time. CNS Classroom Technology Services maintains a supply of spare equipment for these scenarios. Defective equipment can usually be replaced between classes and - at the request of the instructor - during class. Most issues take between five to fifteen minutes to remediate, however there are issues that can take much longer depending on the type of failure and its complexity.

To ensure that class goes as smoothly as possible it is suggested that lecturers or assistants arrive early to the classroom to help identify any issues with the technology so that it can be solved quickly and with little/no interruption to the class.

Classroom Space Maintenance

This is the responsibility of custodians under the management of UT Facilities.  Please submit workorders to https://facilitiesservices.utexas.edu/FSC/