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Endowments provide permanent support for the College of Natural Sciences and their impact cannot be overstated. These gifts keep on giving as the principal is invested – never spent – and each year a distribution, like dividends on a mutual fund account, is made to your chosen program or area. Investment earnings above the dividend rate help the endowment value grow over time, to keep pace with inflation and maintain your endowment’s spending power.

There are many endowment opportunities and funding levels available. Choosing what your endowed gift will support is simply a matter of selecting a program that matches your interests. From faculty support to undergraduate research, from undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships to general excellence or program support funds, your legacy can take almost any form.

Current Endowment Minimum Funding Levels

  • Dean's Chair $5,000,000
  • Department Leadership Chair $3,000,000
  • Chair $2,000,000
  • Distinguished Professorship $1,000,000
  • Professorship $500,000
  • Faculty Fellowship $250,000
  • Distinguished Graduate Fellowship $1,000,000
  • Endowed Presidential Fellowship $250,000
  • Graduate Fellowship $100,000
  • Endowed Presidential Scholarship $250,000
  • Undergraduate Scholarship $50,000
  • Endowed Excellence/Program Support Funds $25,000

To establish an endowment in the College of Natural Sciences or for more information, please call the College of Natural Sciences Development Office, 512-471-3299, or email cnsgiving@austin.utexas.edu.

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