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The Polymathic Scholars Program in the College of Natural Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin is designed for students with a commitment to science who also have compelling interests beyond their majors. Polymaths design a personalized field of study that emerges from each student's interests and related questions that require knowledge from more than one academic department. This Capstone field of study is officially designated on transcripts as the Evidence and Inquiry certificate, in fulfillment of the College's Bachelor of Science and Arts honors degree.

Check out our student-authored fields to see the interests that many Polymaths past and present have pursued. PS is an honors Bachelor of Science & Arts (BSA) degree program. BSA honors degree requirements include:

  • An Introduction to Research Methods course (UGS 303: Originality in the Arts and Sciences)
  • Interdisciplinary seminars developed specifically for honors students
  • Honors-level courses (minimum of six hours)
  • Capstone Field Invention Seminar
  • Polymathic Scholars Capstone Thesis Seminars (six hours total)
  • Minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA

The College of Natural Sciences' PS BSA honors degree is compatible with most majors in the College of Natural Sciences.  Please visit the CNS degree checklist site for more information on major-specific BSA plans.

The Polymathic Scholars Program has a dedicated honors program coordinator on hand who:

  • Meets in person with each student in the College of Natural Sciences Honors Program at least once a semester to discuss course selection (including honors courses) and create an individual plan to facilitate progress toward graduation;
  • Works to evaluate test credits and help determine what credits should be used toward degree requirements and which courses should be taken on campus;
  • Is available during registration and at any time during the semester to assist with alternate plans based on course availability;
  • Provides current and accurate information about educational options, requirements, policies, and procedures;
  • Helps Polymaths identify and integrate the many resources of the university to meet their unique educational needs and goals; and to provide strategies for utilizing the available services on campus.

For more information, please contact CNS Honors & Scholarships:

CNS Honors & Scholarships
T.S. Painter Hall, room 5.37 (mail code G2550)
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin TX 78712-2550
(512) 232-1048